Bobs Furniture weekly update for Friday 04/12/13

Ack – my husband is breathing down my neck because he’s working from home today and needs the computer!

So, without further ado – what follows are photos of some of the new-to-us pieces which were donated this week.  Truly the store is crammed with amazing, unbelievable furniture!  Sure hope you can stop in either today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4.

JFC 04-12-13 001

gorgeous Marshall Field’s chair and ottoman priced $295

JFC 04-12-13 002

oak sofa table for $75

JFC 04-12-13 004

brown micro-suede sofa for $95

JFC 04-12-13 005

like new Walter E. Smithe oversized chair priced $475

JFC 04-12-13 006

fabulous retro vinyl and chrome bench (no issues with the vinyl that I remember seeing) priced $95

JFC 04-12-13 007JFC 04-12-13 008

okay stay with me as I explain the $1,100 price tag on this Room & Board two piece sofa/chaise from their Jasper collection which retails for $2,400.  Though R&B doesn’t describe the pieces as having “slip-covers” the outer fabric can all be removed and cleaned – EITHER – by dry cleaning or possibly simply by washing.  If you bring one of the covers to R&B they can tell you if it’s washable.  We figured it would cost you around $100 if you dry clean the slip covers and then you would truly have a “like new” piece of furniture.  So, though this isn’t always how we determine what we charge for something – we thought 50% off the retail price minus $100 to dry clean would still be an amazingly good deal – so came up with the $1,100 price we’re asking for it (little retro foot stool in photos is $12)

JFC 04-12-13 009JFC 04-12-13 010

wonderful rustic – made in Mexico – dresser priced $75.  Alas, one piece of bottom side trim is missing (see second photo)

JFC 04-12-13 011JFC 04-12-13 013

fantastic green leather sofa by Whittemore Sherrill priced $325; matching chair and ottoman for $195 – both have some stains on the arms (probably from skin oil)

JFC 04-12-13 014

I called this sofa “wine” colored, Teresa thought it looked “grape” – which are basically the same thing plus or minus some fermenting – priced $145

JFC 04-12-13 015JFC 04-12-13 016

oh my – this is a GORGEOUS Plunkett desk and chair priced $425 for the pair

JFC 04-12-13 017

brown velour comfy sofa for $145

JFC 04-12-13 018

Crate and Barrel slip-covered oversized chair priced $135

JFC 04-12-13 019

amazing countertop height table priced $165; metal bar stools are $35 each

JFC 04-12-13 020

mint-condition Drexel Heritage sofa for $245

JFC 04-12-13 021JFC 04-12-13 022

wicker loveseat, cushion and ottoman priced $125 (ottoman was colored on with neon-colored crayons)

JFC 04-12-13 023

there’s something special about camel-backed sofas – don’t you agree? – this one is from Walter E. Smithe and is priced $245

JFC 04-12-13 024

lovely gray micro-suede loveseat – in excellent condition – priced $195

JFC 04-12-13 025JFC 04-12-13 027

super amazing side chairs priced $95 each

JFC 04-12-13 026

lovely gate-leg drop leaf table priced $125

JFC 04-12-13 028

fabulous oak table, two leaves and six chairs – all for $295

JFC 04-12-13 029

after taking this photo and looking more closely at this piece – I think it’s handmade – cool writing desk – but you need an adjustable desk chair so you can be higher than a normal chair to work on this surface – priced $75

JFC 04-12-13 030JFC 04-12-13 031

fantastic oak trestle table, one leaf, two chairs and one bench priced $295; matching two piece lighted china cabinet (by St. Johns) is priced $195

JFC 04-12-13 032JFC 04-12-13 033

lovely floral sofa for $175; matching chair for $125

JFC 04-12-13 034JFC 04-12-13 035JFC 04-12-13 037JFC 04-12-13 036

bedroom set by American of Martinsville – lovely dresser with mirror priced $95; queen size headboard (doesn’t include frame) for $35; two drawer nightstand is $45; armoire for $85

JFC 04-12-13 038

lots of dining room sets in this week – this is a sweet round table with one leaf and four chairs priced $145

JFC 04-12-13 039JFC 04-12-13 040

amazing dresser with mirror – cedar wood? – priced $145 – some of the drawers were a little hard to open and they need to be aired out

JFC 04-12-13 041

wonderful Sealy brand muted floral chair priced $145

JFC 04-12-13 042JFC 04-12-13 044JFC 04-12-13 045JFC 04-12-13 043

here’s another fabulous bedroom set – which includes a king size headboard, footboard and side rails for $225; matching dresser with mirror priced $175; nightstand for $50; armoire for $150

JFC 04-12-13 046

great, sweet, older desk priced $75

JFC 04-12-13 047JFC 04-12-13 048

fantastic three piece sectional for $325

JFC 04-12-13 053JFC 04-12-13 049JFC 04-12-13 050JFC 04-12-13 051

gorgeous Thomasville oval table with two leaves, table pads and six chairs – amazingly beautiful – wood tone is between photo with flash and next photo without flash – priced $425 for set

A special blessing on you, dear reader!

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