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We are greatly influenced by mid century modern designs and aesthetics.  There is no denying.  And we are proud of it. We are in love with them for their simplicity, their lack of pretension for granduer, their quiet elegance and  the sleek clean lines that best suited modern living.  

At SECOND CHARM, we keep alive the midcentury modern spirit, remaining true to its essence without being rigid with its forms. The same passion is also shared by some of our customers, who brought in their designs influenced by the midcentury modern tradition, yet  experimenting with lines and forms to create something  fresh and exciting. 

A mid century modern piece reinterpreted.  We keep the tapered legs, 
the slated drawers and uses vintage fabric, recreating the 
midcentury modern telephone side table.

An awesome design by Arturo who loves the midcentury design yet wants 
something of his own.   The design is tweaked from a similar design 
that we created. We helped him create the  above piece with some 
of our best vintage teak. The holes at the bottom are speaker 
holes which we have since lined with fabric.

A close up of the tv console that we custom made for Arturo. 
See those lovely woodgrains  that can only come with old teak. 

A mid century modern design from us.  Shu Ying which ordered the piece 
requested for white formica to be added to the slated drawers.
 The outcome  is great.

A tv console custom made for Desmond who requested for one side 
made open to incorporate his record collections.  We love his idea too.

A long tv console that have 3 slated panels that can be lifted up
and slot in at the top.  Mark and Shereen incorporated our  sideboard design
which has slated centre to create a new design altogether.

Another interesting design by Isman, who loves our midcentury modern creations
 yet wanted to create something different. Instead of our usual pull out  slated 
doors, Isman requested for  sliding doors for the top half  and drawers at 
the bottom. Plus he loves our tapered sides and  the brass caps of
 course to complete the midcentury look

A tv console designed by an interior design company  who
custom orders with us.  We love the simplicity of the design.
 We have to make sure that the centre shelf streamlines
with the drawers at the sides.

A simple yet beautiful piece of  low sideboard for television.
Instead of two sliding doors,  Tze requested only one sliding door.

A reproduction of a midcentury design sideboard made for Tania.

A midcentury sideboard made for Cynthia. The handles, slated drawers and 
sides  and the brass caps are characteristically mid century.  The doors 
have beautiful  wood grains that come from old teak.

A midcentury designed sideboard by Anissa who uses it as a shoe cabinet.
She passed us a detailed drawing and we translated it into the above.

A reproduction of a vintage midcentury sideboard. We had the original which 
was sold.   Edwin wanted the same design. We made with old teak to  keep
 the vintage aura.  I sincerely think we made it better than the original.

A midcentury designed sideboard made for Lydia.
The sides panels are used as shoe cabinet.

A narrow slim glass sideboard meant for a narrow space.
The tapered legs is so mid century.

A midcentury designed chest of drawers custom made for Sean Teck. 
The slated drawers have beautiful wood grains. 

Chest of drawers with a rustic finish.  The absence of handles but grooves at
the bottom drawers for easy pull out make this piece a sleek clean piece.

A tall shoe cabinet with a mid century feel custom made for 
Desmond and Floris. The inside shelves are slated for the shoes.

A reinterpretation of the midcentury design cabinet cum open shelf.
We helped translate Lydia's idea of a writing table with attached 
shelf at the top plus an extendable table  to overcome  
a space constraint.

A close up of Lydia's writing table . Beautifully crafted by our craftsman.

Mandy incorporated the midcentury designs to suit her needs. The centre end 
is kept opened to place her big computer. The cut out handles are
 characteristically mid century. She loves the outcome of 
her ideas and our workmanship.

The front view of the writing table made for Mandy.

A midcentury designed nights custom made for Andrea.

Another of our mid century designed night stands.  
The open shelf is great for books and magazine.

Night stands that combined the retro pencil legs with the art deco
rounded edges.

Hope you love the above.  If you have your own design and would like us to custom make for you, do email us at for an non obligatory quotes.
We would love to work on new interesting designs.

Warmest regards

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Write by: Dj Ganden - Friday, January 31, 2014


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