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Furnishing your home with  vintage furniture is the way to go. The fine craftsmanship, the beautiful hardwood and the simplicity yet elegant design  of most of the art deco and retro furniture of the 50's and 60's, are still hard to beat compared to contemporary  furniture of today which are often made with lesser materials and meant for mass consumption.  Vintage pieces lend character and individuality to our home. Also like a good investment, their value can only go up over the years, acquiring an antique status.  But most important of all, they are our green way of furnishing our home.  What better way than to combine beauty, functionality and conservationism.

Vintage 1960's teak glass book cabinet.  Angled at the top, tapered below, 
slightly concave at the centre and metal gilded,  showcasing craftsmanship
 of the good old days  of fine furniture making. Taken as soon as it arrives 
at our warehouse last week.

A similar vintage display/book cabinet.  Solid teak with original decorative 
 handles and  metal caps to the legs.  Taken by Ray who booked with 
us for quite while.

Another vintage glass cabinet, solid teak, original handle.
L97 x D50 x H175 cm.  $1200

Retro 60's sideboard, beautifully restored. L122 x D38 x H102 cm

Beautiful restored art deco sideboard of the 50's.  Solid teak. 
L152 x D35 x H109. Come with sliding glass panels below. $1200

Another beautifully restored piece.  Retro 1960's solid teak one and half
door wardrobe. Side mirror with slated glass shelves is both unique
and practical. L99 x D55 x H167 cm. $950

 Avoid a built-in wardrobe of plywood and seriously consider this  beautifully 
restored solid teak vintage wardrobe of the 60's with lovely wood grains 
L121 x D58 x H180 cm. $1200

A functional solid teak wardrobe of the 50's. A-leg with full length
mirror on one side and glass cabinet at the right top. 
L99 x D50 x H180 cm. $950

Vintage 1940's solid teak wardrobe, beautifully restored.
L100 x 42 x H190 cm.  $1200

Rare midcentury bed of the 60's, solid teak with original formica and attached
 bedside cabinet. Queen size.  Restored.
Width 239. Length 200 cm. $1200

The view of the bed from the side.

Matching midcentury dresser to the bed above. Comes with glass 
shelves on the sides. L160 x D70 x H170 cm.

Retro 1960's solid teak bed with original orange formica pull down drawer
 at the centre of the headboard.  Restored. $850.  More  vintage beds
 beautifully restored  available  at our warehouse.

The  head board  of the bed above comes with beautiful woodgrains.

Retro 1960's solid teak 3-seater armless sofa, restored and reupholstered 
in lively orange fabric with brown piping.  Taken by Lena and Daniel.

Vintage 1960's solid teak sofa with light grey and white piping for Yaser and Nadia.

Pencil legs retro sofa of the 60's. Solid teak.  Two of the armchairs taken.
Another 2 singles and 3-seater sofa available. Unrestored as yet but will come
with restoration, cushions and cushion covers.  Please email for 

Vintage 60's-70's solid teak sofa. Singles with arms on one side only that can be joined  into a 2 seater. Unrestored as yet but will come with restoration,
 cushions and cushion covers.

2 single armless retro sofas.  Unrestored as yet but will come with restoration,
 cushions and cushion covers.  

The armchairs above that can be joined into a 4 seater sofa.

Beautifully restored art deco dining chairs of the 50's.  Solid teak back. 
8 pieces available . $250 each.

The art deco chairs above placed with a dining table. 
Teak table available at $750.

Mid century modern dining chairs in original conditions.  $150 as is condition.
11 pieces available. Restoration and reupholstery works available.

Decorative dining chairs, 6 pieces, 2 with arms, 4 armless. In relatively good
good condition.  $80 each for armless, $100 each  with arms.
Reupholstery works available.

A pair of newly caned bent wood chairs.  Taken by Stacey.

A pair of french armchairs, restored and reupholstered for Delphine.

When we first got this art deco solid teak coffee table,  it was badly painted in grey. 
We have since restored it to its original grandeur of the colonial era of the 50's.

Rare mahjong table table of the 50's.  Comes with 4 drawers .
We restored the solid teak top and repainted the metal legs black.
90 x 90 x H76 cm. $550.

Vintage 1960's-70's foldable solid teak foldable table.

Art deco 1950's solid teak writing desk.  Restored.
L97 x D60 x H76 cm.  $750

Mid century writing desk. L100 x D60 x H74 cm.  

Retro solid teak writing table.  L120 cm.  $1200.

Vintage metal typing desk circa 60's-70's.  In original condition. $200.
Repainting works available.

Vintage sliding cabinet for table top. Or attached wall unit. L95 x D25 x H39 cm.
Restored.  $450.

A lovely art deco turntable cabinet in solid burmese teak belonging to 
Desmond which we helped him restored.

Hope you love the above.  More vintage pieces at our warehouse at Kallang Avenue, Singapore.  Till my next posting,

warmest regards

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